Portrait of artist Funny Livdotter

With a background in punk and the DIY-culture paired with roots in craft inherited from my grandmother, I like to play with texture and technique skills. The contradictions; to tear something apart, and then to neatly put it together constitutes the core of my work. The method of pushing and pulling apart reflects the inner conflict, that devours us as humans.

To be put, or to put yourself in an awkward position, you see your self through another angle. The view is necessarily not flattering. But it is still a part of you. I do not speak of acceptance, nor modification. Some things cannot be tolerated, and some things may not change.

I find it fascinating to pick up humanity in my palm; look at it, study its behaviours and to question why it reacts like it does. Why is it not socially accepted to ugly-cry within public domains? How come victimization occur so easily? Why is it so hard to control your impulses, and in other situations so contrarily difficult to act out one's emotions?  At the end of the day, it all come down to normality according to context.

The human body is the tool for me to communicate the thing that I want to dissect. Using scenes, stories or actions of people, a discussion of what they actually do, is brought up. Body language and facial expressions are a way to read more about a person, than the common word through the mouth. Depending of the project I use what I find suitable as a material, technique or medium, but the flesh is constantly there. 

In my creative work I find it satisfying to push the boundaries. I try to constantly question my own limitations, and to challenge myself further into finding a space of liberty, which reigns chaos and control.

Funny Livdotter